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Online Hellenic Lessons offers a variety of qualified teachers to help you with your Greek language learning. Professional tutors are here to help each and every student according to their own needs and design lessons that fit each one in particular.

If you are looking to visit Greece and you want to learn how to communicate with the natives, if you want to analyse a book, a film or a song, or simply you are interested in learning about the Greek history, both ancient and modern, Online Hellenic Lessons got you! 

With a range of qualifications that our native speaking tutors bring to the table, certificates in Greek and English language tutoring, adult learning, or translation studies, we take good use our staff’s background, to serve to more of our clients needs and interests whilst learning the Greek language, which entails fields such as English literature, law, film and media, gender, history, linguistics, political sciences and cultural studies, among others. 

The point of this is to help our students learn and talk about all the fields they want to be introduced in, while getting familiar with the linguistic aspect of the Greek language.

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